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The Incredible Machine Rebuilt: Contraption Maker

Way way back in gaming's past, I'm talking spring of '93, there was a game released called The Incredible Machine. It was so long ago that it ran on DOS and it wasn't in the RPS tag system. I just had to input it manually. TIM, as it's jollily known, was a game about performing easy tasks in the most complicated fashion. A Rube Goldberg inspired game, where putting a ball in a box needed a confusing series of pulleys, and possibly a cat. There have a been a few sequels, but a new version hasn't appeared on the PC since 2005. Despite waffling on about it, this post is not about The Incredible Machine. It is a Rube Goldberg paragraph, intended to lead you to information about a just announced spiritual successor, Contraption Maker.

Contraption Maker is the new game from Jeff Tunnell, the original designer of The Incredible Machine. It is also a game about building contraptions, which I would have hilariously named
"The Immaculate Contraption". There's not a lot of information, though given what it's based on, we can guess at the content. It does look like it's embracing people's desire to show off their wonderful toys (another better name), with direct to Youtube uploading. And there will be sharing of all the content you make, and mods to mess with. There's even a suggestion of Arduino integration, which is where my brain leaves the road.

Time to hop on the conveyor belt to a bucket that will lower us into a carousel that will fire us at memory lane. Here's what The Incredible Machine used to look like.

Watch on YouTube

There will be early access "soon".

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