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Time bending RPG Cris Tales will launch in July

Those time powers would come in handy about now

Colorful RPG Cris Tales has announced a launch window in a new trailer today and it's about time. Well, the game is about time, but also it's good to finally know when it will arrive after it was delayed from last November into this year. Modus Games haven't yet given a specific release date, but we can expect to play the lovely turn-based time bender in July.

The long and short of Cris Tales is that it's a self-professed love letter to classic JRPGs. It's got turn-based combat, an overworld, and a party full of characters with their own stories. You can check out the new overview trailer below which gets you a good look at its colorful, cartoon style and some of the wild characters you'll meet.

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Modus Games have also spelled out some extra info on their site that digs into some of the bits you can quickly see represented in the video. New time mage Crisbell and her allies team up to take on the Time Emperess in a story that Modus refer to as a dark one. You'll initially be able to explore the overworld by walking to new locations but will eventually open up new methods of travel to journey further.

Crisbell's time mage abilities seem to be the real hook for Cris Tales. As Modus explain in their post, these abilities can let Crisbell see the past, present, and future while exploring cities. Negotiating the different time periods can help uncover solutions to puzzles "or to eavesdrop on a future conversation to learn how the world’s current path is shaping up". Time manipulation comes up in combat too, where Crisbell can force enemies to become past or future versions of themselves, though baddies will be able to mess with time a bit in their own ways too.

For PC players, Cris Tales will release in July on Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store. It will also be available on just about everything else including Stadia, PS4/5 Xboxes One/S/X, and the Nintendo Switch. While we wait for that release date, Cris Tales also has a demo available on Steam and GOG.

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