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Croteam Funding Serious Sam 4... Via Humble Bundle

After three main series entries and countless spin-offs, it's a wonder that Serious Sam hasn't shot all the things yet. I feel kind of bad for him, honestly. He works so hard, but there's always something else to blast into entrail soup with a cannon ball gun. Ah, the action hero's burden. 'Tis truly a heartbreaking thing. So, right then, Serious Sam 4. It's real! I can confirm that it has at least two guns in it! Also, Sam now looks like the granite-chiseled child of Tom Cruise and Conviction-era Sam Fisher before he got all mean and torture-y. Oh, and most importantly, he needs your help. The latest Humble Weekly Sale is helping fund this radical (but probably not actually very radical at all) reinvention, so you are cordially invited to spend money.

It's quite a bundle too, containing nearly every Serious Sam game in existence. Beating the average (hovering in the $5 range as of writing) nets you Serious Sam 2 and Serious Sam 3: BFE, completing the set.

And of course, here's the key bit:

"All funds to the developers in this weekly sale will go towards making the upcoming Serious Sam 4 the craziest and greatest Serious Sam game EVER."

Per the lone piece of Serious Sam 4 concept art, the current plan is to release sometime in 2014. I bet that means it'll be all "next-gen" and stuff, which is good because I'm pretty sure Sam's new dukes could even emasculate the almighty Call of Duty arms.

So, what's everybody want out of a new Serious Sam? I bet it's a resonant, powerful human story, right? That has to be it.

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