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The Sims Medieval: Latest Crusader Kings II Expansion Out

Spicing up personal lives


Few games would boast of allowing that, perhaps only cracking a nervous joke in patch notes addressing the bug's removal, but it's a proper listed-in-the-trailer feature of Crusader Kings II's latest mini-expansion. Way of Life launched yesterday, injecting a little more personality into your pawns. WoL lets you give characters a "focus", a passion in life that they'll follow and pursue. Some folks like gossip, some are happiest when hunting, and some, well, some really want to marry their cousin. CK2 is basically a weirder, stabbier, and more difficult version of The Sims anyway, right?

The focuses to pick from are: rulership, business, hunting, war, family, carousing, seduction, intrigue, scholarship and theology. I imagine there are reasons to pick a focus other than carousing, but I can't say any spring to mind. Queens and kings put Andrew W.K. to shame with their partying, you know, though I imagine their agony aunt columns weren't nearly as good. Focuses tie into new game events, which number in the hundreds, and WoL brings exciting new diplomatic options like "duel" and "banish to monastery" too.

I am just so tickled by how Sims-y this is. I don't play CK2 myself, but I do enjoy hearing people's stories about the weird and horrible things that happened to their families. It is a lot like hearing Sims tales, only the murder is a little more direct.

Way of Life is £5.59 on Steam or £5.99 direct from Paradox, who sling you a Steam key anyway. I don't know, maybe you want to give Paradox more money.

Patch 2.3 launched alongside the expansion too; notes are over here.

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