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You can grab Crusader Kings 2's Old Gods expansion for free

Just sign up

Having permanently removed Crusader Kings II's price tag last week, making it free for keepsies, Paradox are giving an expansion away free to people who sign up for an account. The Old Gods is the giveaway, the 2013 expansion focused on marauding Vikings, pagans, and Zoroastrians. Turns out I already have a Paradox account from something or other so sure, gwan, wang me a Steam key. I'll show Wessex what's what.

Some serious shredding is what. I'm coming for you, Alfred.

Sign up with Paradox and they'll send you a Steam key for The Old Gods. It usually costs £10 so that's a tidy little freebie in exchange for fairly mundane personal information.

If you don't have Crusader Kings II already, hey, it's free on Steam.

Paradox finally announced Crusader Kings III on Saturday during PDXCON, their annual fanfest. Our boy Nate will tell us more about that this week.

Giving CK2 away for free is a clever way to get more players into the medieval dynasty-building drama ahead of CK3's arrival in 2020. Giving an expansion away free is probably a good way to suggest hey, look, isn't it nice to add new things to this free game you have. But you don't need me writing business fanfic. CK2 is free and you can get Old Gods free too, and that's good enough.

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