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Crysis Remastered will launch on September 18th

Check out the new tech

Might want to dig your nanosuit out of the back of your closet to see if it still fits. It's been 13 years and now it's time to get geared back up next month. A new trailer for Crysis Remastered reveals the release date and shows off some new visual improvements. True to form, the rehabbed Crysis will try to put your PC to the test.

You can catch the tech trailer yourself below to see a few shiny side-by-side shots of original Crysis against the remastered visuals. I've already learned this lesson with Minecraft shaders time and again but it really is a wonder what lighting can do for a game.

Crysis Remastered will have 8k resolution textures, which is more pixels than my poor eyes can even handle. It will also have ray traced reflections for surfaces and water. Crytek don't appear to have released any PC system requirements yet but I imagine the old "can it run Crysis?" joke will still stand in 2020.

Alright so it's prettier than before but will you actually want to play it? Graham attests in his "have you played Crysis?" (from several years ago, mind) that it's still worth it. "I loved driving a tank across open fields while a mountain cracked open in the distance. I enjoyed exploring the spaceship inside that mountain in zero-gravity. I was entranced by the splendor of the tropical island becoming encased in ice," he says. Some of the more linear sections aren't as compelling as the opening bits but they're not so bad. "Crysis was a great game, then a bad game, then a good game again. It’s still a game worth playing."

Crysis Remastered will launch on September 18th. You'll find it on the Epic Games Store, Crytek say, though it doesn't look like there's a store page up just yet.

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