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CS:GO's new Operation Broken Fang has arrived

Headlined by two angry animals

Gaben Claus has gifted the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community with an early Christmas present. Operation Broken Fang is now live, and brings with it new maps, features, and cosmetics.

If you're unfamiliar with Operations, they're CS:GO's take on seasonal content drops, and offer a bunch of new stuff for free, but also come with a paid Premier Pass option that unlocks exclusive rewards.

One of Broken Fang’s main highlights is a new game mode called Retakes, which is free for everyone. Three Ts defend a planted bomb against four CTs, but everyone has to select a loadout card at the beginning of each round to keep things fresh. Genuinely sounds like a solid, light-hearted game mode for when you just need to step away from the competitive grind and relax with some mates.

Seven new maps have also arrived, including a brand new competitive arena called Ancient that’s set in some temple ruins. There are also five new community made maps, featuring everything from a space travel museum, to a snowy ski resort. As always, the community made maps look quirky and colourful in contrast to the rather drab competitive ones.

A chat wheel icon has also been added, which lets you ping things and communicate with your teammates quickly without the need for a mic. As a heavy user of the ping system in the likes of Warzone and Apex Legends, I'm a big fan of this.

Those who fork out £11 for the Broken Fang Premier Pass will get access to a new stat tracker with lots of fancy graphs and numbers. They’ll also get exclusive weekly missions that reward them with stars, which can then be poured into upgrading the Broken Fang Coin, or unlocking some new Agents, stickers, crates, and the like.

As a lapsed CS:GO mouse-swiper, I reckon the new Retakes game mode might be enough to bring me back for a game or two, but I can't see myself sticking around for much longer than that. Many of these additions are for current players who want even more reason to pull off nutty clutches and earn cosmetics for it.

Operation Broken Fang runs until April 30th, 2021. Info on all the Operation's offerings can be found over on the official website.

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