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Cultist Simulator final DLC released, spin-off Book Of Hours announced

There's a world in every book. Most are horrible.

Enthralling and maddening in equal measure, card-juggling eldritch life sim Cultist Simulator is celebrating its first birthday today, and there's gifts for the devoted. Developer Weather Factory are rolling out the final two planned bits of DLC for the game today, each adding a new playable character, new ways to run your cult, and many more ways to lose. They've also announced Book Of Hours, the next game in the series. A spin-off tasking players with running and organising a forbidden library, and ensuring the clientele find what they seek without getting too badly cursed.

Details on Book Of Hours are thin right now, but it appears to work much the same as Cultist Simulator, delivering its world through small text vignettes and pausable real-time card slinging. You can see a little more of Book of Hours and some early art on its Steam store page here. The game casts you as the new librarian of Hush House. Your predecessor is dead, many of the books are missing, and business has grown cold. You need to acquire, restore, study and break curses on the books before they can be shelved. Only then can you recommend them to curious visitors. Or dissuade them, if you find reason to.

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As for the new DLC, The Priest and The Ghoul (both due to be released within an hour of writing) look to be of similar scale to the previous character DLC, The Dancer. Each adds a new legacy starting point, sometimes available randomly or specifically unlocked through certain failure states. The Priest DLC has you starting out as a more traditional preacher, gradually reforming your congregation into a cult. The Ghoul is more straightforwardly sinister, letting you gain power through devouring the dead, both long-buried and fresh - your own followers, if needs be. Each DLC provides two more routes to Ascension, and more stories to follow. These are the final planned expansions for the game.

As a curious aside, Book Of Hours isn't the only game about forbidden library management in the works. Project Moon's SCP-inspired monster research sim Lobotomy Corporation is due a sequel; Library Of Ruina. It has a rather different approach to the concept, with significantly more anime sword fights and electro swing in the soundtrack. Still, it's curious that two games with the same unusual root concept are in development in parallel. You can see an early Korean language trailer here, with English subtitles available via closed captions. They're aiming for a 2020 release.

The Priest and The Ghoul DLC for Cultist Simulator are out on Steam, Humble and GOG and priced at £2.50/€2.39/$2.99 each, or free if you bought the game early enough to own the Perpetual Edition. It's published by Humble Bundle. Book Of Hours will turn to Kickstarter for funding later this year. New to this cult simulating malarkey? Read Nic Reuben's Cultist Simulator review.

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