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CUPHEAD. Just to say its name is to feel unbridled joy. CUPHEAD!




Whether or not I'll play this bouncy-shooty thing is a question for another day, but boy-oh-boy, I could watch these Fleischeresque trailers for ever. It's been the talk of sekrit RPS chatroom town all day, and tussles with No Man's Sky for most Cor Blimey trailer to come out of E3 yet.

We have seen Cuphead previously, and it impressed us then, but it seems to have come along a ton since, really nailing its early animation aesthetic now. Between this and UbiArt (and also Double Fine's Broken Age), it's become a wonderful new age for 2D, cartoon-style games. The artist is going to have so much power now.

Incidentally - and hey, actual information rather than my just repeating the same capitalised word - Cuphead was made in Unity. Sometimes I think I can recognise a Unity game a mile off, but this just goes to show how diverse and surprising the little engine that could is these days.



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