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Cyberpunk 2077's new hotfix addresses epilepsy triggers and copyrighted music

Get those cyberbugs out of the system

CD Projekt's Red's newest open world RPG has so far opened a world of bugs at launch, but CDPR have now released a hotfix for PC and PlayStation players to begin addressing some of the biggest issues. Among today's changes are reduced epilepsy triggers during braindances, copyrighted music issues, and a lot of quest progression bugs squashed.

Prior to launch, a Cyberpunk 2077 reviewer brought up seizure risks that occur during the braindance sequences in the game. CDPR added a warning to the game about the epilepsy triggers initially. Today's update works to further solve the issue. They say that this hotfix "modified the flashing effect on braindances to reduce the risk of inducing epileptic symptoms. The effect has been smoothed out and the flashes reduced in frequency and magnitude."

In other notable issues, Cyberpunk's supposed DMCA-safe streamer mode turned out to accidentally still have songs enabled that could result in copyright issues for those posting videos of the game. CDPR's temporary solution was asking streamers to just turn off the game's music. Today's update fixes that issue they say, removing songs that would incorrectly still play even with the "disable copyrighted music" setting toggled on.

For PC players on Steam specifically, CDPR say "switching language to default in the in-game settings now correctly sets it to the language of your Steam client."

In the world of quests, CDPR say they've fixed quite a lot of progression-blocking bugs. You can find the full hotfix notes over on Cyberpunk's website to see if any quest bugs you've personally come up against are on the list of fixes. Visual issues like vehicles popping into existence and missing animations have been addressed as well.

Hotfix 1.04 is currently available on PC and PlayStation systems. CDPR say that they are working to have the update available on Xbox consoles as soon as possible.

If you're one of the folks not experiencing a rough ride into Night City, perhaps I can direct you instead to our romance guide and Cyberpunk 2077 best performance settings for your sci-fi adventures.

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