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Hole In Everything: New Dangerous Golf Trailer

Golf smash!

As someone who probably wasn't Mark Twain once said, golf is a good walk spoiled. But what else could you spoil using golf? According to one new Dangerous Golf [official site] trailer, the answer is "Kitchens!"

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Dangerous Golf, as you can probably work out, is an arcadey destruct-o-sports thing with a number of indoor courses, and it's made by former members of Burnout devs Criterion. You use the power of balls and sticks and explosions to wreak havoc and, in doing so, rack up high scores. I think the basic idea is still to ultimately get a ball into a hole but smashing crockery and so forth is where you earn those high scores.The blurb informs me that destruction is not just limited to kitchens, though, You could use the power of golf to ruin a gas station or a castle or even a palace.

I'm not sure what the difference is between a castle and a palace – I assume it's something to do with a castle generally being fortified and a palace being a fancy enormous house/status building which probably isn't expecting a siege, but I'm just going to look it up so I know what I'm destroying.

Hmm. Looks like mine is a version of the broadly accepted difference but there's a lot of wiggle room and ambiguity. Well. The good news is that it won't matter when Dangerous Golf arrives on June 3rd. All will be rubble. Rubble and bubbles:

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