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Death Discount: Third Off Darkest Dungeon Till Monday

Grave saving

From the moment Red Hook Studios announced their micromanaging RPG dungeon crawler Darkest Dungeon [official site] a couple of years back, their raison d'etre was very clear: to make a game that was unashamedly, unwaveringly, ultra-brutally difficult. Those who've played will know that they succeeded, and it's for this reason that Darkest Dungeon took over my life for a while when it released in full at the start of the year.

Those who haven't can grab it on Steam this weekend with a 33% discount until Monday. Those people should do so, but only if they've got the stomach for it.

"And when they die they stay dead."

Oh, how these words still haunt me some four months on since I first shared Wot I Thunk about Darkest Dungeon. With them, I relive every bastard-hard trek into each dark and haunted cavern; every time a crew member was driven insane; every time a comrade was lost to the bottle and/or the brothel. It's rough. And do you know what? Since then, Darkest Dungeon has evolved into an even more powerful beast, adding things like town events via the latest Everything Burns update, courtesy of its Kickstarter stretch goals.

It's taken me some self-imposed time away to recover from its permadeath-enforced beat, but Darkest Dungeon's allure is so strong that I feel a return may be on the cards. It's taken some of the best of us, too. Steve Messner just about made it out in the face of failure, while it drove Rich Stanton to despair. If you're yet to dive in, will you let it get you?

Darkest Dungeon is available on Steam for £12.72/$16.74/15,40€ with a 33% discount until Monday 10am PST/1pm EST/6pm GMT.

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