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Delawere: AssCreed III's Co-op Wolf Pack

There are no lycanthropes in AssCreed III but I might manage a smile if AssCreed IV, which will probably be the fifteenth game in the series, had all manner of shapeshifters and undead running around in its industrial British setting. The American Wolf Pack aren't a band of teenwolves though, or indeed a group of increasingly unpleasant men with sore heads, but rather the teams of assassins in the game's new co-op mode, details of which IGN has extracted. Teams of up to four will work together to take down mark(s) against the clock across 25 waves. The news from Comic Con is that the PC version will be here "before Christmas" (Edit: Ubisoft's now claiming that the delay's not real and we all just imagined it). Here's some footage of Boston, with commentary.

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Jolly good fun, what?

The co-op sections will necessitate communication and teamwork, and the idea actually impresses me a fair amount. It could mean using one person as soldier-bait while another moves in for the kill, which instantly amuses me because it means somebody is soldier-bait.

I still need to form a brotherhood and endure some revelations to bring myself up to date. I had a long conversation with someone at Rezzed about Assassin's Creed and only realised the next morning that I'd referred to Desmond as Duncan throughout. I am made of knowledge.

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