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Desperados 3 gets a new trailer and is coming this summer

The desperado doctor's in

Things have been quiet out of the Desperados 3 corner for several months, ever since the closed beta in 2019. Sometimes a cowboy's got a feeling though and I had a good feeling we'd see Mimimi Productions' next tactical game in 2020. Looks like it's time to put another news in the chamber and cock it because Desperados 3 has a new trailer today and a release window of "Summer 2020." There's lots of real-time death-dealin' and party management shown off for the deadly Doctor McCoy.

Desperados 3 is one of RPS' most exciting games of 2020, which I'll personally cosign. Mimimi's last tactical game, Shadow Tactics: Blades Of The Shogun, was excellent. If you enjoyed it, as I did, you'll probably recognize a lot of the same tactical goodness in this new Desperados 3 trailer. You'll have certain members of your cowboy crew available for each mission, during which you'll manage each of their special abilities in real-time strategic missions that you can pause to queue up coordinated assaults.

Doctor McCoy looks like a particularly versatile agent. He can take shots from afar with a scoped rifle or jab enemies with a syringe at close range. In the trailer you can also see him healing allies, which is an important ability given how scarce a resource I remember health being in Shadow Tactics. McCoy also appears to throw a potion that knocks out enemies within a certain radius and throws his medical bag as a distraction that can blind enemies who open it.

Although the focus is on McCoy, you can see some of the other characters at work in the trailer as well. One seems to have the ability to distract enamored enemies by having them follow her—another trick somewhat familiar from Shadow Tactics.

Desperados 3 was originally planned for 2019 but never got a firm release date for the year so it was a shame to see December come and go with no update. After having such a great time with Shadow Tactics, I'm quite ready to swap my sword for a revolver. Today's trailer comes with a "summer 2020" release window but no month or date just yet.

You can wishlist Desperados 3 on Steam.

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