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Despite layoffs, Tiny MMO Book Of Travels developers say plenty is on the way

Two new levels and better character customisation, for starters

Developers Might And Delight call Book Of Travels a TMORPG, a "tiny" MMO that's focused on fleeting interactions with other players, as opposed to lots of them. It’s a lovely looking adventure with a neat concept, so it was sad to hear that they'd been hit with layoffs after a difficult launch. However, some heartening news! More levels are on the way, as well as new character customisation tools. They also reaffirmed that despite being a much smaller team than before, they're committed to working on the game for the foreseeable.

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Might And Delight say they're adding two more levels to be explored. "A mountainous forest level to the west and a hidden underground outmark called the 'Underbelly'". There's no clear release date for these things, but they say they're aiming to have them "completed and rolled out in the near future". We’ve also been treated to a single screenshot of what’s presumably the forest level. I can’t tell if it’s spooky or tranquil. I suppose a tentative night walk will confirm things.

The game's character customisation tools are close to completion too. Again, we don't know exactly when, but "soon" you'll be able to tinker with your Traveller's "hair, colour options, and more!” which is always a plus. You simply can't go wrong with better ways to represent yourself in-game. Nor can you go wrong with bug fixes, which the devs say “they're definitely not done with yet". In fact, “both additional content and fixes are being worked on simultaneously by different people on the team", so there's no need to worry on this front.

The devs again acknowledge that they're a much smaller team than before, but despite this, they are committed to promises they made in the past. "Everything that we've confirmed we're going to do is still on the table" Might And Delight say. "Our workflow has obviously seen changes recently but again: Book Of Travels will stay on course to becoming the RPG experience of our dreams".

Just really nice news, to be honest. Book Of Travels looks like a delightful MMO and it's one brave enough to go "tiny" over the usual "massive". Lauren Morton (RPS in peace) interviewed creative director Jakob Tuchten and believed it might be the cure for her break-up with MMOs.

You can buy Book Of Travels on Steam for £24/€25/$30. And if you purchase the Cup Of Kindness DLC for £2/$2/€2, you'll support the devs with a donation.

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