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Tiny MMO Book Of Travels has been delayed indefinitely

The devs need more time to polish off those pages

I've played a fair few MMORPGs in my time, but I've never played a TMORPG, or "Tiny Multiplayer Online RPG" as Book Of Travels calls itself. It's a gorgeous looking adventure where you'll bump into only a handful of players on your wanderings, and communicate entirely in symbols. Unfortunately, developers Might And Delight have had to delay its early access release indefinitely to iron out those pages.

Book Of Travels was due to release on Steam early access on 30th August, but having gathered feedback from players after its closed beta, the devs thought it best to postpone the game's launch to ensure they get it right. A release date hasn't been given, but an update on Steam says it won't be long before we hear from them again.

"We want to be able to deliver an Early Access game that we can stand by. But believe us when we say that we don't make this call easily, and we understand that this will disappoint anyone who couldn't wait to jump into the game this summer. At the same time we also believe that we owe it to the game, to ourselves and – more importantly – to you to make sure that Book of Travels meets our standards."

And this isn't the first time Book Of Travels has been delayed either. In fact, this is the fourth time. It was due to release on early access last October, which eventually shifted to early this year, then to August 9th, and then to August 30th. You now know the rest.

Sure it's disappointing, but I'd rather the devs take their time with Book Of Travels instead of rushing it out in a state they're unhappy with. And from the snippets of gameplay I've seen, it looks like it will be worth the wait. I like that there's no overarching goal to your travels and that your encounters with other players, while rare, will be all the more meaningful because they're so infrequent.

Did I mention that art style? Because hot damn, Book Of Travels is giving me perfect "evening game with a glass of vino" vibes. I know I'll be keeping an eye on its progress over on Steam.

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