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Destiny 2 'Go Fast' update speeds things up today

More zip, pep, and zam

Bungie will today give Destiny 2 a dose of vim and vigour in update 1.1.4, nicknamed the Go Fast Update. It brings a broad spread of changes aimed at making the game faster and making players feel more powerful, including increasing movement speed, reducing respawn times, and buffing weapons. More speed, more oomph.

"We have heard the feedback of 'My guns don't feel powerful enough, I don't feel powerful enough' and so we looked at everything," sandbox design lead Josh Hamrick said in a dev video about the update. "We looked at the way you move, the way your Supers come back, and especially the way the weapons play."

Look over the tentative patch notes to get an idea of quite how much is changing (final notes due over here later today, I'd guess?). A higher player speed cap, faster glides, quicker Super cooldowns, faster player and ammo respawn times in the Crucible, perk buffs, and weapon buffs with a particular focus on shotguns, sniper rifles, and fusion rifles. The weapon changes are especially pleasant for buffing underpowered weapons rather than nerfing overpowered ones.

"In D1, people would have said--probably correctly--that means we would nerf those things. They're nails that are sticking up out of the board and we would have hammered them back in to be even with the board," Hamrick said. "For this update, we did the opposite, we said 'These things are hot, let's bring everything else to them.' And so we started raising each thing up, whether it be in PvE or PvP. We've also learned the lesson of don't sand the coolness down, leave the jagged spikes of personality in there."

The update is due to launch real soon. Server maintenance will begin at 5pm UK time then is scheduled to end by 7pm, at which point the game will be back up and updated.

Here, hear what else Hamrick had to say about the new zip, pep, and zam:

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