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Destiny fans have made it into a D&D tabletop RPG

Die's up, Guardian

While the next Destiny 2 expansion is looming on the horizon, hissing curses and weaving lies, you can continue your adventures so far beyond Bungie's official telling in a pen & paper adaptation. Fans have turned the MMOFPS into a tabletop RPG, building on the rules of Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition to create Dungeons & Destiny. It's free, it just released a new version, and it's jolly impressive.

D&Destiny uses the rules of D&D 5e to let players tell their own tales of Guardians, going off on adventures of their own, looting guns of their own, and dancing atop vanquished corpses of their own. Along with translating Destiny spacemagic spells to D&D rules, it even has pools of Destiny gun perks. And along with the the usual options of Human, Awoken, and Exo, D&Destiny Guardians can be Cabal, Eliksni (Fallen), Krill (Hive), Psion, or an individual Vex. D2 is progressing towards a superclub of superfriends, so why not get a jump on it?

The project was originally started by Stacy "Good Game Kitty" Poor, supported by a Patreon, and has since attracted artists and designers and other talented people. This is evident in the newly released latest edition of the Player's Guidebook, which comes dead fancy as a PDF with a swish layout and loads of high-res artwork. It looks the real deal. After an initial release for Patreon backers, that is now available publicly from its Google Drive.

Over there you'll also find a character sheet, the Architect's Guide (DM guide), a bestiary, and some wee 'origin story' adventures to get fresh Guardians out their graves and about. These document aren't all as complete and polished as the Player's Guidebook (not yet, anyway) but they've got words and numbers you need.

My imagination is too scattershot for roleplaying but I am dead impressed by this. Well fancy. I know some tabletopeers aren't super keen on D&D rules but hey, it's the system many people try first. Might not be the friendliest or most creative system, but it's a known one - which, weirdly, can make D&D a relatively accessible foundation.

See the Dungeons & Destiny website for more. Getting into the homebrew spirit, players have created their own additions like Darkness and SIVA subclasses, many of which you'll find on the D&Destiny Reddit board.

Cover image for YouTube videoDestiny 2: Season of the Splicer - "The Saint" Bedtime Story

Destiny 2, meanwhile, is wrapping up the penultimate season before the Witch Queen expansion hits next year. Season Of The Splicer has been a good'un, taking surprisingly big steps to move the story forward - many of which we actually saw in-game, rather than just read about in lorebooks. Been some lovely moments of growth for our spacefriends over the season and all; I knew Saint-14 was a good boy really.

The yet-unrevealed next season will start August 24th, and it's expected that Bungie will talk more about The Witch Queen then too. Lots of interesting supposed leaks and spinfoil theories going round, which frankly I'm trying my best to avoid.

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