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Deus Ex 3's Non-Revolutionary New Trailer

Much of this footage has been seen before, but I'm going to post it anyway, as I enjoyed the ludicrous bombast of this clip-mash from the ongoing Tokyo Game Show. Japanese dialogue rather than a clutch of Michael Ironsidealikes seems to add to the gravitas, and the Inception-esque music is so achingly dramatic that I eventually broke down in laughter. Not in a negative way, just in an OH THE INTENSITY way.

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Aye, there isn't much that's new here, outside of a mohawk-lady with a big gun (our proxy Flatlander Woman?) and hero-ish Jensen in a helmet, in some sort of vehicle that might be the giant rocket glimpsed earlier in the tailer, spilling his Icarus metaphors all over the damned shop. Space adventures for our wannabe-techno-messiah? Or maybe just a fancy bit of CGI.

It's a fairly sexy trailer, recycled or not, and inspires another of those moments where I shake my head in disbelief that, not only is Deus Ex 3 happening, but someone's throwing what looks like an absurd amount of money at it. Whatever we might feel about Deus Ex no longer being in Spectorian or Smithian hands, it remains mildly astounding that it's happening at all.

The great unknown about the game, for me, is the quality of the dialogue and characterisation. I think it's relatively proved its worth in terms of visuals (so long as you're down with black'n'gold) and punchy cyber-violence from the previews we've seen for far, but for me it's going to be about whether I want to live in and explore its world, or if it's going to be fully of irritatingly smarmy growly-men with a fondness for soundbytes. Slick kill animations are all well and good, but I'd also like to give a genuine crap about who lives, who dies and who gets merged with amoral AI constructs.

Obviously Eidos Montreal have been merrily playing around with concepts of religion, conspiracy and politics in the slow-burn marketing effort, so I'm hoping that kind of intelligence is woven smartly into the game.

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