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Deus Ex: Breach launches random daily networks

Hack the planet every dang day

A big Deus Ex: Breach [official site] today is bringing daily runs to the Mankind Divided side-game. Each day, hackers jacking into the datanet will get to run new randomly-generated server networks. The update, the first since Breach launched a free-to-play standalone version, also brings new weapons, items, and maps. Breach may not be my jam but ooh I am a sucker for daily runs; I do enjoy my Isaac daily every afternoon.

Each day, Breach will spawn a new 'Ghost Network' for one day only. These have randomised layouts, levels, and rewards but you will need to spend a Firewall Key (bought with virtuacash, bought with Praxis points, crafted, or bought with real money) to access each day's Ghost Network, though.

Locking Ghost Networks out seems pretty daft, or at least unpleasant. If they were open, more people would play 'em, and presumably more people would give in to The Man and buy the microtransaction guff Breach already encourages so much. Shrug.

Also new in today's update are eleven new Picus server maps, a new Darknet file to investigate, new premium weapons, and other odds and ends detailed in the patch notes.

Square Enix said in January that a "final" content update would be coming to Breach, so I guess this is it.

Ah, Breach isn't for me. Deus Ex's stealth isn't enjoyable enough in itself, especially with a time limit. The guts of shiny clean servers are in virtual reality aren't as much fun to be in as grimy futurecities. AI security protocols aren't fun to eavesdrop on either.

That said, I do dig its soundtrack and the amazing explanation of how it has explosive barrels in virtual reality: "Cubes that are red use explosive software."

Do remember that the second big Mankind Divided story DLC is out next Thursday, February 23rd. Criminal Past is a prequelly doodad, looking at one of Adam Jensen's first missions for Task Force 29, when he went undercover in a prison for augmented felons.

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