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Deus Ex: Criminal Past DLC sends Jensen to jail

A night in the clank

Your mate Adam Jensen is telling a story to his psychologist in the latest DLC for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided [official site] – a flashback episode, if you will. He’s telling her all about the time he went undercover in a maximum security prison for augmented people and how that made him feel. But this being Adam, the paranoid wreck with conspiracy theories coming out of his robot orifices, he’s likely exaggerated for the shrink’s sake. He probably just got sent to the drunk tank for wandering into a clothes shop and smashing all the mirrors again.

But if you prefer Adam’s version of the story, with its guns, electric fences, tough-looking inmates and guard brutality, then you can check this trailer for a vision of how he remembers the traumatic “mission”.

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“I was on an undercover operation” is the same line I use to explain all my arrests. But Jensen really goes for it. He says he was there to get information from another undercover agent who has “gone dark” and that, by the end of the ordeal, he needed to “confront a darker side to his role before the day is done.”

This is the second story DLC for the game – the first was System Rift, which reunited you with world’s grumpiest IT support Frank Pritchard to pull off some heist capers. It’s out now for anyone who can stand to listen to another one of Adam’s rants about the Freemasons.

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