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Deus Ex launches Breach F2P spin-off, free VR doodad


Two free spin-offs from Deus Ex: Mankind Divided [official site] launched today, as its arcade mode Breach has become a free-to-play standalone game and a new virtual reality explore-o-zone is out too. Breach going standalone isn't a huge surprise, as it was already very cheekily monetised with microtransactions, but hey I'll welcome its cybersneaking in virtual virtual reality. And as for actual physical virtual reality, the new Mankind Divided 'VR Experience' lets cybermen poke around a few environments from the game and peer at some character models as if one were on Futuretinder.

So! Breach is up on Steam, free to download now. It's an arcade mode reskinning the usual Deus Ex sneak-o-shooting as you being a leet hacker jacking into cyberspace to swipe data, duffing up baddies who represent security protocols or whatnot. Cool hacks mean points mean prizes in the form of upgrades (and leaderboard placings, obvs). Selling upgrades for actual real cash was bang out in Mankind Divided as a paid game but as F2P, er, it seems this is how it was meant to be all along. Oh, and it has music from the Neotokyo chap. Breach seems a bit of a throwaway mode within Mankind Divided but hey, if you can't/won't buy that maybe you'll fancy fiddling with this for free. It looks a little something like this:

Watch on YouTube

The Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - VR Experience is free to download here on Steam. It packs four worldslices from the game, including Jensen's grimy apartment, and I believe also has a model viewer to stare at people. I don't know; I'm not gogged up. The VR Experience works with both Rift and Vive cybergoggs.

In other recent Deus Ex news, Squeenix this week announced new Mankind Divided story DLC, Criminal Past.

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