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Satanic Savings: Devil Daggers Is Steam's Daily Deal

A hell of a game!

We're awfully fond of Devil Daggers [official site] round here, full of quivering praise for the hellish arena survival shooter and in awe of how good some players are. It's a flipping great video game. But I know some of y'all have reservations - dear, sweet, naive reservations - about a leaderboard-climbing FPS with one mode and one level, and might have looked for it in the Steam summer sale. It wasn't there. But it is now today's Steam daily deal with a wee discount. You've gotta see these satans.

It's a simple idea: you stand upon a circular arena in a black void, skulls, skellingtons, and other monsters spawn, and you must shoot them to survive as long as you can. That's basically it. Shoot things, hit weak points, pick up power-ups, dodge, live. The joy for me is learning to read the roars, groans, and shrieks of the monsters, navigating by sound as I try to prioritise key targets knowing dozens of swarming skulls are chasing me grinding their teeth. I think it took me an hour to be able to survive one minute. Lasting even two seconds longer than my best is such a thrill.

If you've been hesitant, though, know that a 25% discount brings Devil Daggers down to £2.99/3,74€/$3.74 on Steam for the next two days - the first time it's been on sale.

My god, even if you don't like first-person shooters, it's worth a few quid just to see it, to hear it. It is beautiful and horrifying and I adore it.

Here's the current world record run, a time of 681.5609 seconds by 'Sojk', which I can tell you looks and sounds a million times better through the in-game replay viewer without YouTube compression:

Cover image for YouTube video

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