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Diablo 3 Battle Chest Packs In Expansion With Discount

Just like the old days

If you're one of those "I'll wait for the Game of the Year Edition" folks, good news: Diablo 3 [official site] now has one. Blizzard have launched the Diablo 3 Battle Chest, a bundle combining the base game and its expansion, Reaper of Souls, with a small discount. And if you have waited four years for this, nice: after years of patching, Diablo 3 nowadays is good stuff. While I no longer own physical copies of any games, the 'Battle Chest' name still warms my heart a little with memories of excitement at buying those big old boxes filled with Blizzardy treats.

You can grab the Diablo 3 Battle Chest as a download from Blizzard for £24.99/$29.99, which is £5/$10 cheaper than buying the game and expansion separately.

Blizzard say a physical release will be in shops too, for folks still into boxes (ooh get you, you're so retro!), though I can't imagine it'll contain much more than some soon-to-be-outdated installation discs and a code to bosh into Battle.net. Or whatever Blizzard end up calling Bnet. Blizzard Online Account Game Service Thing, maybe.

This is coming in time for Blizzard to, yup, start releasing more paid add-ons that aren't included with this edition. Diablo 2's Necromancer class will arrive in D3 next year, bringing his skeletal hordes with him.

Still, this is a fine jumping-on point. Most of Diablo 3's wonkiness has been patched up or patched out (see you in hell, Auction House!) over the years, leaving a pretty swish click-click-clicking action-RPG. Sadly, while the console version can be played offline, on PC it still can't. I only ever played Diablo 2 through the online ladder myself so I suppose I'm used to that, but that's rightly a sticking point for some would-be players.

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