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Browse Diablo 3's Items, You Greedy Wretch

I am sorry, I'm feeling especially belligerent today. I'm just so cross that I've spent all morning waiting for Rage to download, because apparently it was impossible for online-only publications to have PC code ahead of release. THIS IS 2011 WHAT'S THE PROBLEM. Anyway! Half an hour to go, and in the meantime I've been drooling over the various loot I could potentially find in Diablo III when, if ever, it finally launches. Following on from their character build generator, Blizzard have released a visual database of most of the game's weapons, armour and assorted toys. Or, at least, the base versions of said equipment - you'll be upgrading them in all sorts of exciting ways via the in-game crafting system. Interesting stuff, as numbers and pictures of weapons go. Like all things Diablo III, you'll need to be online to look at the database, of course.

My first port of call in the database was, of course, hats. I'll be aiming for the Resplendent Stechhelm, I think.

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