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Diablo 4 claimed to be launching in April 2023

An announcement may be coming at The Game Awards next month

Fresh hell could arrive in April 2023 in the form of a Diablo 4 launch, if new rumours are accurate. Windows Central and the XboxEra podcast both say they’ve heard the release window from sources. That’s not all, as details of the fantasy action RPG’s release could be announced on December 8th at The Game Awards, according to both sets of sources. These include pre-orders opening during the show, and a February 2023 open beta.

Cover image for YouTube videoDiablo IV - Necromancer Cinematic Trailer - Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022
Blizzard revealed Diablo 4's final class back in June, the Necromancer.

Rumours that Diablo 4 would appear at The Game Awards began circulating in summer, and have continued to crop up since. As revealed on their blog in August, Blizzard will be running Diablo 4 as a seasonal live-service game with microtransactions, although Blizzard insist that these won’t be “pay-for-power”. It’s now alleged that season one of Diablo 4 will begin in Q3 2023, regardless of the game’s purported spring launch.

The last Diablo to release was the ported mobile game Diablo Immortal, back in June this year. It didn’t go down well thanks to the frankly ludicrous costs to collecting the game’s best gear. Rebecca ran the numbers for us, and came out with a ballpark estimate of £46,000 to equip your character with the best gear as quickly as possible using Diablo 4’s premium currencies. Ouch.

Diablo 4 doesn’t have a firm release date beyond 2023 just yet, but it'll be coming to PC via Battle.net. We’ll be covering The Game Awards next month, so we’ll let you know if anything more concrete’s announced there.

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