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Diablo 4 kills another high level Hardcore character, this time with a bug

173 hours of progress slain by "environment"

Two Diablo 4 Druids stood side by side
Image credit: Blizzard

Just one week after Diablo 4's first level 100 Hardcore character was killed by a lost connection, the game has brutally (and unfairly) claimed another Hardcore character. Unlike Carn's Barbarian, Quin69's Druid wasn't level 100 yet, but he was pretty darn close at level 91. His Druid had 172 hours and 50 minutes of play time. That's more than a week's worth of playing and the game's only been out for 10 days (or 15, if we're including early access).

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Quin69 left his Druid inside an invulnerability zone as he ported back to Kyovashad. He thought his game had crashed at the loading screen, until he was greeted with the dreaded windowed message: "Your fallen character has gone to the Hall of Fallen Heroes."

The cause of death? Environment, according to the game. Members of the community have speculated that Quin69 got zapped to death thanks to a bug which caused his invulnerability bubble to disappear during the loading screen, but not the lightning.

Whatever killed Quin69 is not clear, and sadly his 173 hours have now been wiped out by a random glitch/whatever witchery was going on behind that loading screen. He recorded the moment his Druid died along with some community reactions and uploaded it to YouTube if you fancy attempting to figure out what happened.

On Twitter, he wrote "Fix your game @Diablo", a sentiment which a lot of players have echoed as they wait for the game to be stable before jumping into Hardcore mode.

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