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Dishonored 2 update 1.3 brings performance boosts

Sneaking out of beta

As a sister of Omega Theta Nu, I could never use Beta software. No, the recent beta patch aimed at improving performance in Dishonored 2 [official site] was not for me. Loyalty wouldn't allow it. Thankfully, the update yesterday left beta and properly launched on the main line, bringing its fixes and improvements to all players - not just those who have no respect for the sanctity of being sisters forever. While our Adam dodged the performance problems all along and adored the game, that there Alec at last seems to be happier after all his woes. That or it's broken him. Who could tell?

Publishers Bethesda give the following overview of update 1.3:

General performance and optimization improvements
Added a setting to turn OFF Camera Motion Blur
Additional mouse improvements
Fixed various issues related to user interface
Fixed various issues related to the Option menu
Fixed various issues related to multiple monitors

If you want specifics, head on over to the patch notes. Yup, the list is exactly the same as it was during the beta. They also recommend updating your graphics card drivers, if you haven't for a while.

[Disclosure: Cara Ellison, my flatmate and an official Chum of RPS, wrote for Dishonored 2 a wee bit. Last night we went to the most opulent Christmassed-out place we could find (what the h-e-double-hockey-sticks, The Dome) and posed moodily to strike a fierce blow in The War on Christmas. Look, I can't share The Good Stuff lest she retaliate.]

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