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Yer Dishonoreds and Wolfenstein reboot are now available DRM-free on GOG

And on sale too

I'm Alice0 and I'm here to say, some great Bethesda games are out in a DRM-free way. GOG this week added the Dishonored games and two of the new Wolfensteins. That's some lovely gaming right there, so I'm just briefly highlighting it for people who prefer their games without DRM. They've got hefty discounts for one week to celebrate the launches too.

Dishonored is Arkane's cracking supernatural immersive sneak-o-shooter. The first game with all its DLC is £5.29 right now. It's lovely. Dear Adam fretted in his Dishonored review that "we may not see its like again for a good while." Luckily, he was wrong! The Knife Of Dunwall and Brigmore Witches expansions that followed were cracking, for starters.

Then came a sequel in 2016, which is £7.49 right now. Adam's Dishonored 2 review called that "an improvement on the original in almost every way and as close to a masterpiece as anything I've played this year."

Then the last we saw was 2017's expandalone Death Of The Outsider, which is £5.00 right now. Would you believe it - that's also pretty great. And then Arkane had the new Prey and ooh baby. It seems Dishonored is is resting for now, though.

"But Alice," you interrupt, "they removed Denuvo from D2 and Outsider ages ago." And they did, but I know having to download games through Steam is still too restrictive from some folks so here you go, they're now available just as downloadable installers. All the Dishonoreds together are £16.49.

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GOG this week also added the first two games of the Wolfenstein reboot from MachineGames, The New Order and The Old Blood. 2014's New Order, which is £4.49, is great fun and one of the best FPSes sez us.

The expandalone Old Blood is more of the same but y'know that's not a huge problem when it's more of something good. That's £4.49 too. Or it's £5.99 for both.

The Old Blood was followed by Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus and the co-op spin-off Youngblood, which are not yet on GOG.

All these discounted prices will be available until Monday the 24th.

Bethesda started bring games to GOG way back in 2015 but evidently they like to wait a fair while before bringing newer ones over.

Anyway. Just a quick post saying that people who won't go within twenty digiyards of anything remotely DRM-y can now buy some very good sneaking and shooting.

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