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Divinity: Original Sin Condemned To 2014

To delay is human

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. The Bible said that, and - now that we will all be without Divinity: Original Sin until early 2014 - I'm pretty sure we're technically allowed to throw rocks at each other for a few months. You know what that means, don't you? STOOOOOOOONE FIIIIIIIIIIGHT! Hahaha, nearly got me Adam, hahaha there go three of my teeth, hohoho good one Lucy - you always did have the best throwing arm of any of us. Whew, what a riot. Also, I think we may have started an actual riot. While I tend to that, you go below to a) avoid losing an eye and b) watch a video explaining why stretch goals are to blame for Divinity's definitively human error.

Original Sin is now set to release on February 28th, 2014, with a backer alpha planned for November and a beta set for January-ish. Stretch goals stretched its path to the finish line, as both the above video and a post on Larian's exceedingly successful Kickstarter explain:

"As we were integrating the stretch goals in the game in the last couple of months, we realised they affected a lot of the game systems and this would be more work than we thought."

"Deeper character creation (traits and talents) made us rethink the stats system, the inclusion of companions meant we had to have more party support, and the day and night schedules affected all the behaviours of  NPCs. And even the world they live in! Because where else would these people live and sleep?"

Given that previous Divinity games have suffered pretty severely from mad dashes onto shelves, Larian opted to take its time instead of shoehorning in barebones skeletons of its lofty promises. So, in the end, we'll get a much better game. We'll just have to wait a decent many extra months.

Not that I'm complaining. I've got plenty on my plate for the remainder of 2013, and Original Sin seems like the kind of role-player that'll benefit from some breathing room. I look forward to soaking in its world - rifling through its most cobwebbed of corners and getting to know each and every reanimated skeleton on a personal basis before I punch their skulls off - not rushing through it.

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