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DMCLC: Devil May Cry Adding Free Challenges, Vergil

In spite of an amazing White House petition to have its non-Capcom-developed impurities cleansed from this Earth, DmC Devil May Cry was actually pretty excellent. As Adam pointed out, it proved exceedingly adept at blending gloriously bizarre environments with weapon-switching combat that put even the most demonically possessed of Swiss army knives to shame. And it was a solid PC port to boot. So the new Dante's a-okay in my book, and he's quite welcome to hurl more insanity (and masterfully long-form pun jokes) our way if he so pleases. For now, though, it's actually his brother Vergil who'll be snagging the spotlight. In an all-new 3-5 hour-long story expansion, no less.

Watch on YouTube

Watch on YouTube

Titled "Vergil's Downfall," the extra chapter focuses on " the story of how Vergil got to be where is with regards to the main story in the game." Somehow, I doubt things will go terribly well for him. It is, however, apparently chock full of shiny, demon-shearing newness, so expect more jarringly picturesque hellscapes ("drawn by The Devil, aged eight-trillion-years-old") and imaginatively grotesque baddies. Vergil himself, meanwhile, is Dante's twin, but not his clone. They apparently play rather differently, and Vergil will unlock his own suite of pointy playthings with which you'll be able to compose brand new blood symphonies to your heart's content. All of that will be available for $8.99 on March 6th.

Right now, however, simply updating the game will net you Bloody Palace, a 100-level challenge mode that breaks little new ground, but combines the old stuff in novel fashions. It comes completely free of charge, but you can't access it until you've cleared the story mode.

So then, I suppose I'll let you get to that. Unless, of course, you have some more black-hair-fueled White House petitions to go sign - in which case, there's really no help for you.

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