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Don't Cry: DmC Definitely Coming To PC In January

Oh we of little faith. When Capcom confirmed that a PC version of Ninja Theory's DmC: Devil May Cry reboot was in the works, Jim was understandably skeptical about it taking the elevator up from hell around the same time as its console cousins. But Dante's not like everyone else. He's a rebel. He wears leather and makes snarky comments and gets branded a "sexual deviant" by news casters on a network named after a dinosaur. So naturally, his new game will come screaming onto PC whenever it damn well pleases. In this case, that's next month. Hooray!

Watch on YouTube

Watch on YouTube

Granted, the PC version's January 25th release date is set for an arbitrary ten days after consoles, but again: rebel. No conforming. Even when it doesn't make any sense not to. Capcom's also released system re-cry-erments, if you're really worried that your machine can't handle the stylistically gorgeous but technically reasonable hack 'n' slash 'n' shoot 'n' put-on-pants-in-slow-motion-er. Meanwhile, in the Best News column, we'll be able to crank DmC up to 60+ frames per second. Cloud saves, leaderboards, and other basics of Steam functionality will also be part of the package.

As for the game itself, it looks pretty solid from where I'm standing. I definitely have a soft spot for the series' completely unhinged demon-slaying antics too - though I wouldn't label myself as much of a purist as some hair-color-obsessed disciples out there. Plus, I absolutely love Ninja Theory's previous under-the-radar Serkis-du-Soleil hit Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, so I can't wait to see how their knack uncanny-valley-leaping storytelling shows up here.

And hey, the combat looks surprisingly faithful to that of DMC's Capcom-developed entries, so that's promising. Dante's chain, especially, has me thanking the combo-crafting heavens, as it gives me fond flashbacks to Devil May Cry 4's devil bringer. Maybe it's heresy, but I actually liked playing Nero in DMC 4 far more than Dante, so it's good to see a central element of his combat style make a comeback.

At any rate, I'm supremely excited about this one. Devil May Cry's dumb and fun and fast and ridiculous and riddled with awful one-liners. If I were a videogame, that'd pretty much be me. Only significantly less cool.

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