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DokeV is a Pokémon-like from the Black Desert Online devs

The children in it scare me a bit

Imagine if Pokémon and Monster Hunter fused together and got a new game set in a modern-day city with chibi-esque characters running around. That's the vibe I'm getting from DokeV, a new creature-collecting open world game from Pearl Abyss, the developers behind Black Desert Online. They released a gameplay trailer during Gamescom Opening Night Live right when I was starting to zone out, honestly, but it's so colourful and full of energy that it dragged me right back in again. Take a look for yourself below.

This isn't the first we've heard of DokeV. Pearl Abyss first announced it back in 2019, along with a handful of MMOs. This is the first proper footage we've seen of it though, and what we're seeing is a lot.

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So, the beasties in DokeV are called Dokebi, and a press release says they're based on creatures made from people's dreams in ancient Korean mythology and folklore. It seems like they might also be based on things from popular monster-collecting RPGs, but hey, I'm down for another Poké-like I can play on PC.

From the looks of the trailer, there's a big world to explore and lots of ways to travel through it, including skating, gliding, and llama-riding (or, you know, some sort of llama-mon). Battles with the monsters seem to involve slapping them with giant cartoon hammers and… shooting them with energy weapons? Then there are sky battles, magic doll houses, jet skis, and just so, so much more.

DokeV doesn't have a release date just yet, the devs say that will be announced "later". We do know it's coming to PC and consoles though, and you can head to the website for more info.

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