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Dongle-ing: Mount Your Friends Climbs Onto Greenlight

Yesterday we posted about Boobjam, a boob-themed game jam, and there was some talk of a game jam to make games about John Thomases too. But have you noticed that immensely enjoyable, almost Bennett Foddyeseque schlong-swing climbing game* Mount Your Friends has appeared on Greenlight? No? Well that's why I'm here! To tell you that. Specifically. Stegersaurus Games is trying to bring Mount Your Friends to PC, so we can mount it on our hard drives. Now with Safe For Work trailer!

Mount Your Friends is a game about using the bodies of your athletic friends to climb to a certain height to reach the finishline. You have to press the coordinating buttons on your limbs to help your little guy's body move to climb. You start out with a goat (that's right! A goat!) to climb on to, and from them on it's a pile on. Also the entire time your wee peen is having a great time in your pants.

It seems some people on Steam were a tad offended by the 'graphic' depictions of lil dudes todgers, so a special trailer clothing the athletic gentlemen in tweed and zipping up their wee packages was made, which you can see above.

But you can see the original NSFW trailer here:

Stegersaurus Games is also aware of our PC gaming needs re: hats, customisation, and so they have provided extra customisation for the Steam version, as you can see in this trailer about diversity:

Extra for the Steam version include:

Climber customization - You want a team of green zombie climbers with red eyes and handlebar mustaches? Go ahead!
Plot rich Single Player campaign - Learn how you became such a great climber, go to exotic locations, repair space stations!
Simultaneous multiplayer modes - Pick up a sword and have a duel! Wrestle with other climbers in real time!
Mouse and keyboard controls - Because most PC players don't use an XBox controller!
Dynamic day/night and weather conditions - Climb through the storm!
Statue based high scores - Remember your best climbs with shiny, commemorative statues of your climber

You can say yes on Greenlight here!

*This is not a comment about Bennett Foddy's crotch, rather his excellent games. Ahem.

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