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Mount Your Friends 3D swings out on Feb 23rd

Realistic mounting

The original Mount Your Friends is a thing of beauty. It has a bunch of modes, but in its purist form it's a multiplayer game about getting near naked dudes to climb on top of your friends near naked dudes. Fail to clamber up to the top of the growing flesh mountain in 60 seconds and you're out, usually to the sound of your mates shouting "waheeeey" as a misplaced swing sends you tumbling down to the bottom.

The schlongalicious stack'em up has cast off the chains inherent to a mere two dimensions, and is embracing a full three with its sequel. Mount Your Friends 3D: A Hard Man is Good to Climb (good grief) is out on Feb 23rd, and there's a trailer below. 3D mounting looks like fun, though now I'm wondering what version of Mount Your Friends higher dimensional entities are playing.

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There was an art to Mount Your Friends, and I'm a little concerned that might have been lost in this latest iteration. It uses a less fiddly control system where you only need to worry about your hands, where as a large part of the original came down to remembering which of the four limb buttons you needed to move next - and crucially not tapping the one that would send you plummeting back down the mountain of men to get reacquainted with the goat at the bottom.

It really shone once everyone playing had a few hours of mounting under their belt, and could start making those clumsy ragdolls look positively graceful. At first you'd find yourself moving moving one awkward limb at a time - but once you got the hang of it you could transcend that and start cartwheeling up the side of the tower, building up momentum as you flung yourself from dong to dong. Truly, it was a glorious sight to behold.

You'll have to wait until February 23rd to get your hands on Mount Your Friends 3D, but the original is still a right lark and only £4 on Steam.

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