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Mount Your Friends 3D is coming, avert your eyes!

You spin me right round, baby

The world's premiere Simulated Sportslike Experience is returning, and this time it's invading the third dimension. Marvel at preposterously pendulous dude-noodle once more, and navigate a heaving pile of beefy men to claim your throne atop the time-honored Mounting Goat.

Yep, it's silly, wobbly, physics-driven multiplayer favourite Mount Your Friends again, and now with an extra dimension, and an even more amazing name, if you factor in the subtitle of 'A Hard Man is Good to Climb'.

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The original Mount Your Friends was a particularly slippery refugee from the much-maligned Xbox Live Indie Games service. Originally designed so that a full multiplayer match would fit within Microsoft's restrictive demo timer, it ended up being an ironic hit before people realised that there's a surprising amount of depth and subtlety to its physics-driven weirdness. As such, it wasn't a huge shock when the game made the muscle-bound leap to PC in 2014.

If you're unfamiliar with this ridiculousness, it's a quite simple concept: Two players take turns at climbing atop the Mounting Goat, using each button on the face of their gamepad to lock their grip in place with either hands or feet, allowing the wobbly muscle-men to ascend. The rules are simple; Before your turn timer elapses, you must finish as the highest point of the increasingly massive pillar of man-meat with one hand firmly gripping something hard, and with at least one body part thrust higher than anything on the prior turn.

If you meet all the criteria, then your man becomes rock hard, freezing him in place. Your opponent must find a way to climb higher still, taking turns until one of you falls short of the erection's peak. From what we can see in the trailer above and screenshots on the Steam storefront for the game, the sequel looks to be more of the same, but in 3D, not entirely dissimilar to Bossa's I Am Bread and likely offering the same mix of glistening multiplayer action and firm-bodied solo challenges to help you bone up on your man-manipulation skills.

While no firm release date has been set for the game yet, developers Stegersaurus Software hope to thrust the game into the Steam spotlight sometime in the first quarter of 2018.

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