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Have You Played... Mount Your Friends?

It's the climb

Have You Played? is an endless stream of game recommendations. One a day, every day of the year, perhaps for all time.

Mount Your Friends is a glorious QWOP/GIRP style climb-athon where you attempt to pile up athletes on top of a goat, each reaching higher and further than the one before.

The control system is gleefully awkward and will see you accidentally manhandling our opponents and previous athletes as you attempt to scramble up the mountain of people before time runs out.

If you're feeling cocky you can try to leap by propelling yourself upwards and letting go at the right time. It's a risk though, especially when playing multiplayer as an accidental overshoot might send you sailing into an abyss or plummeting to the ground just to the side of the aforementioned goat. There are also some dirty tactics you can try to employ, too. Building overhangs out of bodies so opponents are forced to climb further is a personal favourite.

While ascending you can also admire the outfits of your opponents (your athletes are customisable, you see) as well as windmilling furiously. Yes. You heard me. Windmilling. This is because each and every athlete has a wildly waggling crotch appendage.

My friends and I collect smaller multiplayer games which we can turn to when longer matches like Dota aren't an option. Mount Your Friends is a firm favourite because it's well-crafted but utterly daft fun.

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