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A raccoon explains what you do in Donut County

On the hole

Hole-growing physicsy puzzler Donut County [official site] has a reveal trailer. Let's not start @-ing me about the fact that the game has already been revealed not once but TWICE given it was also previously pitched as Kachina before Donut County after the developer, Ben Esposito (part of Arcane Kids and level designer of The Unfinished Swan and game design consultant for What Remains of Edith Finch) rethought the story he was able to tell and why. This two-and-a-halfth reveal is more about revealing some of the specifics of how you play and plopping the revised 2018 launch date on the project in case people thought it was still due out this year.

Here's a raccoon to explain more:

Cover image for YouTube video

The things about how you play the game are basically:

1. It's an inverted Katamari Damacy where instead of rolling around to grow a small ball of stuff into a bigger ball of stuff you're a roaming hole in the ground which grows bigger through consuming those who would disobey you stuff. I think that's the thing people who knew about the game knew already, right?

2. You can also consume things to combine them in your hole-maw and use the results to solve puzzles or shoot things back out. I've got no idea how in-depth this puzzle solving will be or if it's more about varying the physics and the interactions but it's good to know. I think I've seen this mentioned in relation to the game first but it doesn't seem to be a thing people definitely always knew.

3. There's a pleasing amount of footage here to suggest you play as a nuisance. I love playing as a nuisance.

4. You cannot play the game until 2018. Do not believe the developer's website which still says "It will be released in 2017(maybe?)".

That is all my news.

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