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Have You Played... Donut County?

All you can eat

Donut County is like Katamari Damacy, but tidier. Instead of rolling everything up into an ever-increasing ball of mess, you're sucking everything underground until the surface is bare.

As an expanding hole, you eat bricks, chairs, cars, until eventually you're able to gobble up entire houses. And who doesn't love some tasty brickwork for their tea?

As enjoyable as it is to not worry about updating MyFitnessPal while inhaling everything that isn't nailed down, Donut County would get a tad monotonous if there wasn't more flavour. And thankfully certain things you scoff down will change how you interact with the world. For example, when you put away some corn after digesting a bonfire, you'll be able to shoot out popcorn that attracts birds. Then you eat those birds.

The puzzles aren't brainbusters, but then I don't think Donut County would benefit from having tougher challenges. It's about zoning out and eating. Two of my favourite things.

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