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Doom Eternal's multiplayer Battlemode pits a pair of demons against a single slayer

Demonic possession

Doom and subtlety mixes like matter and anti-matter, but from what I just witnessed, Doom Eternal’s 2 vs 1 Battlemode multiplayer face-off has some (shock) strategy and some (awe) stealth. It’s basically hide-and-seek with explosions. There's a video overview below.

It’s a single Slayer versus a pair of demons, with the demonic duo working together to try and take down Doom dude. That means if you’re on Satan’s side, you get to sit in the leathery skin of the Revenant, jet-packing into the air to rocket the Slayer. You can be joined in the air by the Pain Elemental, basically a demonic drone. On the ground, the Mancubis is an absolute unit, with huge health, twin flame-throwers, and smoke bombs.

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But where’s the strategy I mentioned? Well, the demons have tools at their disposal that can indirectly affect the fight. They can plop down hazards and attempt to funnel the slayer into them, or even summon AI controlled demons to spawn and attack.

The Slayer is fairly nuDoom, with all the chainsaws and guns you’d expect, but the levels are carved in such a way that they can potentially hide and sneak around, Rambo-ing the demons from the shadows in a one-man ambush.

Though it could go wrong if the demons are working in tandem, as they should, because with their traps and powers they could control the level’s ins and outs, including setting up traps at the portals that bookend each level. Basically, an all-out war might not be the best strategy from either team: demons are weak on their lonesome, and the Slayer will draw attention to a sneaky strat if they go too loud.

As far as we know, Doom Eternal is still on its way to Earth on November 22nd of this year.

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