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4 days ago

Feature: Beginners tips and tricks

Doom Eternal guide: top 20 tips for demon slaying, how to kill Marauders

Doom Eternal may have seen delays but it is a very, very good shooter. There are some key differences between this new Doom game and the one that came out in 2016, so I've listed my top tips for playing the game and even how to kill some of the tougher enemies.

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Feature: Unlocking the Unmakyr

Doom Eternal secrets: every secret location explained

Doom Eternal is a big game and there are secrets hidden throughout. Most are just the secret items hidden throughout all of the levels, which we will provide links to here. Some are easter eggs to put a smile on your face, while others are game changers. I should warn you that the rest of this article contains major spoilers.

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6 days ago

Feature: How to complete the challenges in mission seven

Doom Eternal Mars Core collectables: all secrets in the seventh mission

I have some good news and some bad news regarding the seventh mission of Doom Eternal. The good news is that there are fewer collectables here compared to the previous mission. The bad news is that there are still 20 of them. Once you have them, the vast bulk of the collectables will be yours, so let's get into it.

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Feature: How to complete the challenges in mission six

Doom Eternal Arc Complex collectables: all secrets in the sixth mission

The sixth mission in Doom Eternal has the most collectables hidden within. On top of that, there are the usual secret encounters, lot of enemies to kill, and even some challenges to finish. This is going to be a long one, so strap yourself in and let's get started.

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Feature: How to complete the challenges in mission five

Doom Eternal Super Gore Nest collectables: all secrets in the fifth mission

With the fifth mission of Doom Eternal, the number of collectables has gone up rather significantly. It's very easy to miss them as well, since there may be multiple items in one secret location. But don't worry, I've found all of them and have put together this list of their locations.

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Feature: Secret disk locations in the hub area

Doom Eternal Final Sin and Fortress Of Doom collectables: how to get the final secrets

Now, I know what you're thinking. Why have I combined the collectables for the final level and the hub area of Doom Eternal? The fact of the matter is that the final level only has one collectable to be found, but the hub area also has a couple of secret items that are very well hidden.

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Feature: How to complete the twelfth mission's challenges

Doom Eternal Urdak collectables: all secrets in the twelfth mission

This is the final level in Doom Eternal where hunting for collectables is a major part of the game. While they're nowhere near as difficult to get to as some missions, these last few items are at least well hidden. We will uncover their locations, so you can complete your collection for most items.

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Feature: The Doomguy toy is adorable

Doom Eternal Hell On Earth collectables: all secrets in the first mission

The first mission of Doom Eternal is more of a tutorial stage than anything else. It's here that you'll learn all about weapon mods, alternate firing modes, and how to kill some of the first few demons. While a lot of the items here are on the main path, there are a few that are hidden away.

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Feature: No, really, this one is very simple

Doom Eternal Sentinel Prime collectables: all secrets in the eighth mission

Entering Sentinel Prime in Doom Eternal is a rather ominous prospect. At the very least, hunting for collectables here is extremely simple. Most of the items found are Codex Entry pages, but there is one ghost knight with a Praetor Suit point that you may have a small problem finding.

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Feature: The hunter becomes the hunted

Doom Eternal Doom Hunter Base collectables: all secrets in the fourth mission

All along the fourth mission of Doom Eternal, you will see a Doom Hunter being constructed. A rather ominous prospect and with good reason, as at the end of the level is a boss fight. However, this is not the only thing you can find here as there are quite a few collectable items to seek.

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Feature: Where to find the secret encounters

Doom Eternal Exultia collectables: all secrets in the second mission

The second mission of Doom Eternal brings up the concept of Weapon Points. These are upgrades that you can use to spend on buffing up your weapon mods that you have unlocked. There are Weapon Points that you'll always unlock when going through a mission, but there are also secret encounters and the Slayer encounters that are optional. The second mission has a bunch of…

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Feature: Tips to complete the third mission's challenges

Doom Eternal Cultist Base collectables: all secrets in the third mission

Just before the third mission of Doom Eternal, you're introduced to Praetor Suit Points. These are coins held by ghostly knights who gently take the knee once you have received the coin. It's as if they know their place, unlike the demons that are defending the hell priest. New enemies here include Whiplash, a snake-like foe, and the grotesquely fat Mancubus.

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Feature: How to complete the eleventh mission's challenges

Doom Eternal Nekravol Part II collectables: all secrets in the eleventh mission

Plodding on through the second part of Nekravol in Doom Eternal, you'll be facing even more brutal assaults from the demons of hell. There are plenty of collectables to nab across this level, so this guide will tell you where to find them.

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Feature: How to complete the ninth mission's challenges

Doom Eternal Taras Nabad collectables: all secrets in the ninth mission

Some missions in Doom Eternal have a large number of collectables, but Taras Nabad has some real stinkers that are really tricky to locate. They can be behind switches hidden quite far from where the actual collectable is. After what felt like hours, I've put together a list of where to find them.

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1 week ago

Feature: All weapon mod challenges

Doom Eternal weapons: how to master all the gun types

Early on in Doom Eternal, you'll pick up your first weapon mod. These are secondary fire effects and there are a maximum of two per weapon. You can swap on the fly if you've unlocked both of them and they can make a standard shotgun either throw sticky bombs or turn into a fully automatic shotgun. But there is a way to make them even…

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Feature: One Off The List

The 10 best hells in PC games

“Hell is other people,” wrote Jean-Paul Sartre. “But also my favourite level in Doom.” He was a smart man, and he probably lives in hell now, on account of all the atheism. But listen, hell doesn’t seem that bad. Bit hot. Bit demonic. You could do a lot worse than a trip to the underworld, is what I’m saying, and as luck would have it,…

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2 weeks ago

Feature: Tips for Praetor Suit, Runes, and Sentinel Crystals

Doom Eternal upgrades: which perks to unlock first

It's not just your guns that can be upgraded in Doom Eternal. Praetor Suit points, runes, and Sentinel Crystals can all be used to buff up the Doomguy so that he's not just a mass of muscles under an ill-fitting space marine suit. Well, he still is, but now he can potentially last longer while swimming in radioactive ponds.

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AI researcher turns his face into the Doomguy, unleashes hell

The Doomguy. Stoic, silent, flickering eyes at the bottom of the screen. He's not really the talkative type, is he? Who would've guessed his first words weren't "death" or "murder" or "double-barrelled", but a Russian-language explanation of complex neural network modelling techniques? This week, developer Denis Malimonov unleashed his own sort of hell - replacing his regular human face with the Doom Slayer's low-fidelity visage…

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4 months ago

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