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Doom Eternal Hell On Earth collectables: all secrets in the first mission

The Doomguy toy is adorable

The first mission of Doom Eternal is more of a tutorial stage than anything else. It's here that you'll learn all about weapon mods, alternate firing modes, and how to kill some of the first few demons. While a lot of the items here are on the main path, there are a few that are hidden away.

Doom Eternal Hell On Earth collectables guide

This mission of Doom Eternal has 13 collectable secrets to be found. Most are upgrades given out as part of the tutorial, but there are a few toys and even a cheat disk. As always, it's worth noting that at the end of the level, you'll unlock the ability to Fast Travel to specific points in the level. If you miss any collectables, that will be the time to find them unhindered.

Here are all of the locations for every hidden secret in the first mission.

Hell On Earth collectable locations

  • Toy #1: After picking up the chainsaw, punch the wall to the left just as you're about to face the glowing block on your right. Follow the path and double jump behind you once you get to the end to find the toy.
  • Weapon Mod #1: After punching the glowing green block, double jump and enter the room above. You will see a drone next to the door, which you have to use to progress.
  • Codex Entry #1: Once you've beaten the first room full of enemies, it's on the path to the next room. Codexes are glowing book pages.
  • Codex Entry #2: Once the priest has been slain, you'll appear outside. Head towards the building and you should see it before you enter through the gap.
  • Weapon Mod #2: You can see this one through the same gap you're heading towards
  • Toy #2: From the Weapon Mod, drop into the small alcove, but don't drop down the massive hole. Instead, turn left and look up. Jump up the ledge and walk around to find the Doom Slayer toy. He even comes equipped with a squeaker!
  • Toy #3: At the "Scott" building, jump onto the overturned lorry and double jump to enter the "Shuz" building. Punch the wall on the left and drop down to find the toy.
  • Codex Entry #3: From the Imp toy, turn left and jump up the ledge. Jump over the big hole in the middle, hugging the wall to the left so you don't drop down. Turn left when you reach the other side to find the page. (There's a 1-Up if you drop down the other side, but this doesn't count towards your completion bonus)
  • Weapon Mod #3: Just after the rather deadly shopping mall, there's a subway station below. It's just by the open train.
  • Codex Entry #4: Just before you see the first tentacle, you should see this on the path through the ruined subway.
  • Cheat Disk #1: Standing before the second tentacle, there is a box behind you. Jump on it, then jump through the gap in the ceiling. Punch through the grate and go through the air vent to find the Infinite Lives disk.
  • Codex Entry #5: Just after entering the main doors into the citadel but before going up the lift, turn right and follow the stairs around to the page. It's just before an iron grate.
  • Codex Entry #6: From the previous Codex Entry, turn around to look at the lift and head towards the left. Drop to ground level and hang a left until you reach the other side of the main gate. The entry is there.

There are no other collectables in the first mission, but starting from the next mission, there are a few more things to keep a lookout for, such as hidden encounters and the Slayer Key. We'll explain all of that and where to find the other collectables in the following guides:

Doom Eternal collectables

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