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Doom Eternal Cultist Base collectables: all secrets in the third mission

Tips to complete the third mission's challenges

Just before the third mission of Doom Eternal, you're introduced to Praetor Suit Points. These are coins held by ghostly knights who gently take the knee once you have received the coin. It's as if they know their place, unlike the demons that are defending the hell priest. New enemies here include Whiplash, a snake-like foe, and the grotesquely fat Mancubus.

Doom Eternal Cultist Base collectables guide

This mission of Doom Eternal has 17 collectable secrets to be found.

As always, it's worth noting that at the end of the level, you'll unlock the ability to Fast Travel to specific points in the level. If you miss any collectables, that will be the time to find them unhindered. It helps to have the automap unlocked so that you can know where you haven't explored yet. This is located just after dealing with the wave of enemies in the pit after being teased with the Super Shotgun. Turn left when going through the door that opens to find it.


Here are all of the locations for every hidden secret in the third mission.

Cultist Base collectable locations

  • Codex Entry #1: It's in the room you start in. Don't jump to the wall if you don't have it as you can't get back until Fast Travel is unlocked.
  • Toy #1: After climbing up the first wall with mines, turn left and follow it to the end. Hit the wall and jump onto the skull For the toy.
  • Sentinel Battery #1: When you see the area with four flaming pillars, jump to them and turn back to face the rock face. Just down and to the left of the arch about halfway down is a platform. Jump to it and punch the grate. Punch the button to open a gate. Turn back and jump the gap. Enter the cave below the bridge edge and walk into the jump pad to reach the battery.
  • Praetor Suit Point #1: After facing the Mancubus for the first time, head to the objective market and go through the door to the right. It's on the path.
  • Rune #1: While you are needed to use a switch to raise a bar to swing onto a wall with mines on it, jump back from the wall to reach a ledge. It should be in front of you.
  • Weapon Mod #1: After beating the two Whiplashes, enter the door to find a weapon mod.
  • Praetor Suit Point #2: From the weapon mod, head down halfway to the ramp and punch the wall up and on the left. Drop down and collect the point.
  • Sentinel Battery #2: After going up the ramp towards the huge building there is a crossroad. To the right is a Cacodemon. To the left is the battery.
  • Sentinel Crystal #1: Keep going until you circle back to open a switch. The crystal will be in the middle pedestal.
  • Praetor Suit Point #3: Descend down the left chute in the next room and jump over the block after the Cacodemon. You'll see the knight there.
  • Sentinel Battery #3: After defeating the two Revenant and Flamer zombies, use the right lift chute to go up. Enter the door and drop down for the battery.
  • Cheat Disk #1: After clearing the room with the pillars once the Super Shotgun is yours, use the poles to vault yourself around the pillar to the location of the IDDQD cheat disk.
  • Toy #2: In the next room, there are axes that plunge downwards and zombies with blasters. Turn right after the second axe, then punch the wall. Be wary of the three Soldiers that appear behind you.
  • Praetor Suit Point #4: After opening the door to the booster in the chamber with the spinning skull plate, use the booster to get on top, then jump to the alcove on the side with the knight.
  • Record #1: Head to the room with the tentacles. Turn left and stand on top of the spike trap. Turn left again and jump on top of the next one and reach the record.
  • Praetor Suit Point #5: After taking the lift back to the surface, head to the right to pick up the point from the knight.
  • Empyrean Key: In the room with the crucifix, peer over the left corner behind the crucifix. There is a climbable wall. Jump onto it, and use the beams to swing to the next one. Jump and dash to the third one. Climb up and swing to the Slayer Key. Drop down back to the main chamber and enter the door to the right of you. Defeat the monsters inside will reward you with the Empyrean Key.

Secret encounters

  • Secret encounter #1: After the room where you climb columns multiple times, turn right before entering through the crushing spike trap to find the mines and a piece of armour. Punch the wall on the left.
  • Secret encounter #2: Once you've unlocked the room with the Sentinel Crystal, look to the left. The secret encounter is in the doorway on the left.


  • Master of Turrets: This one is relatively simple. Just use a Sticky Grenade mod from the shotgun to blow off the turret above an Arachnotron's head.
  • Pull the Crystal: Follow the step for Sentinel Crystal #1 to complete this challenge.
  • Armored Rain: Find four demons close by and use the flame belch on them. I recommend the demons shooting each other just before the four flaming pillars.

Doom Eternal Cultist Base collectables

Doom Eternal guides series

Those are all of the collectables that are found in the Cultist Base mission of Doom Eternal, but there are plenty of other hidden secrets to be found in the other levels too. Do check out one of those guides below if you are missing anything.

Doom Eternal collectables

Doom Eternal guides series

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