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DoW2 Hunkers Down In Readiness/Fear

In preparation for the impending Chaos Rising expandaspansionlone due later this week, there's just been a hunka hunka burning patch for the original Dawn of War II. While the price of Chaos Rising might seem a little unfair, given it's primarily an expansion hiding in self-contained form, Relic are going to extreme lengths to not split the player base. The update that's just hit allows DoW2-plain players to battle against Chaos Rising players (and Dow2+Chaos Rising players), essentially patching the entire Chaos Faction into the original game. You can't play as 'em if you don't own Chaos Rising, but you can play against them. Better still, the shiny new units for the four existing DoW2 races are now yours to play with, for free - including Genestealers. Genestealers! Dance-dance-happy-dance. Also thrown in are a clutch of new maps - the net result being that, whichever configuration of DoW2 you own, you're not locked out of playing with anyone else. It's an incredibly generous update, and I've a sneaking feeling it'll shift a lot of copies of the expansion as a result. Full patch notes are hiding below - but you'll get the whole lot if you update your copy of DoW2 on Steam now.

New Map: 2p Judgment of Carrion
New Map: 2p Ice Station Obelis
New Map: 4p Desert Showdown
New Map: 4p Judgment of Carrion
New Map: 4p Selenon Fissure
New Map: 6p Argent Shelf
New Map: 6p Judgment of Carrion
New Map: 6p Calderis Refinery (Free-For-All)
New Map: 6p Judgment of Carrion (Free-For-All)
Added Librarian Unit to tier two of Space Marines
Added Weirdboy Unit to tier two of Orks
Added Tyrant Guard Unit to tier two of Tyranids
Added Gene Stealers Squad to tier two of Tyranids
Added Wraithguard Squad to tier two of Eldar
Added the ability to play against owners of Chaos Rising who are playing as the Chaos Race
Added Free for All and Team Free for All Victory Point game modes to Custom Games
New target priority system implemented so that idle units prefer attacking enemies they specialize against
Vehicle wrecks now remain on the map and provide cover

The Last Stand
Added the ability to play with owners of Chaos Rising who are playing as Chaos Sorcerer or Hive Tyrant

Added the ability to transfer save games of completed Aurelian Campaigns to Chaos Rising
Added the ability save during mid-missions (Chaos Rising Campaign Only)
Wargear tooltips in both campaigns now contain significantly more information such as attack speed, accuracy, etc
New 'Invite a Friend' button added to the bridge to easily invite friends to a co-op game

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