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Magic Makeovers: Dragon Age Inq Adding Customisation

The return of the Black Emporium

Give me a long, sprawling RPG with appearance options and I will replay the first hour at least six times. I didn't realise how ugly that haircut actually is. I didn't know its lighting would make that skin tone so ugly. I'd forgotten to make them interesting from behind. On reflection, that hair colour is awful. What was I even thinking with that tattoo? And I should tower over puny NPCs more.

When I get around to Dragon Age: Inquisition [official site], I might be able to skip that for once, as the next patch is due to add ways to customise your chap mid-game.

This'll happen in the Black Emporium, a mysterious mystical market returning from a Dragon Age II DLC pack. "There, Inquisitors can find powerful artifacts and tools to aid their cause, purchase epic weapons, powerful accessories, new crafting materials and schematics, and even change their voice and facial appearance using the Mirror of Transformation," sez BioWare. The update will bring a way to dye armour too.

I mean, sure, Patch 5 will also bring an auto-attack option and add party storage and fix bugs and all that, but bugs are far less of a concern than a garbage haircut.

BioWare plan to run Patch 5 through closed beta testing with players. If you want to beta test a patch, for whatever reason, signups will be through the Keep "in the near future".

Dear RPGs, especially ones full of fantasy or sci-fi hocus-pocus that can explain any physical transformation with hand-waving and silly words, please add ways to recreate characters. Saints Row's cosmetic surgery is a wonderful, wonderful thing.

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