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Dragon Age: Inquisition Free Multiplayer DLC Next Week

Isabela's back

BioWare, in their deep and powerful wisdom, have decided that we puny mortals like stuff that's free. So starting May 5th, a new multiplayer add-on called Dragonslayer is coming to Dragon Age: Inquisition [official website] at exactly no cost to you.

Dragonslayer gets you three new playable characters: an Avvar warrior called Skywatcher, a rock 'n' roll bard known as Zither the Virtuoso, and series veteran Isabela, the Raider Queen of the Eastern Seas. Also coming is a new location in the form of a Ferelden castle.

The whole thing is about going mano-a-draco with some fire-breathing dragons, which as a rule of thumb is my main criteria for video games, but to be honest I'm more interested in this Zither dude. He was actually first revealed on April 1st in what everyone thought was an April Fool's joke because he's a guy who plays an effing flaming gittern.

You can expect a whole lot of more details revealed via a Twitch livestream on Tuesday, May 5th at 6pm UK time.

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