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Dragon Fights And Spoilers - Dragon Age: Inquisition

More like Spoiler Age, haha (but seriously: spoiler warning)

The Dragon Age hype train rolls ever onward. As we near the delayed release of Inquisition on November 21st, the latest trailer had its debut at the EA press event at Gamescom. It's titled "The Enemy of Thedas," who one would presume is giving the threatening baddie monologue throughout, and shows off all the usual fantasy violence we've come to expect. It also seems to let out some rather significant story beats. Spoilery analysis of those below.

You really don't want to scroll much further than this if you're planning to go in relatively dark on details - which is almost always better - or aren't familiar with the Dragon Age plot. For me, damn curiosity (and, uh, this job) means I'm already bathed in spoiler juice, so here we go:

At around 1:36 these two fine folks show up.

Looking sharp, Hawke.

Say, that's Hawke on the right! The second game's main character is returning, Dragon Age creative director Mike Laidlaw has confirmed. Folks will be able to customise Hawke's appearance and gender, he added. We don't know what role she'll be playing in the game though, so this could be a sidequest, the intro, or your best buddy and pal.

A bit giddy, some had assumed that the chap on the left there is yer Grey Warden protagonist from the first game, but no, it isn't.

Meanwhile, the EA conference showed off more in-game action. You can see it all here from 1:50ish.

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