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Dread Not, Firefall's Upgraded Dreadnaught Is Here

Oh thank goodness. My life is saved. I, of course, recently bet it on the assumption that more Firefall videos would drop this week, and became quite disconcerted when maniacally grinning mercenaries started showing up outside my house with calendars counting down to Friday. Happily, however, I've been saved by the Dreadnaught, who sounds like the cheeriest of fellows. Bask in his muscular, minigun-toting glory (read: a hail of unstoppable bullets) after the break.

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OK, so who's with me in thinking that looked like the raddest thing? I mean, a teleport shot? Followed by an actual, factual, nearly literal thunder dome that forces opponents into closer-quarters combat? And a gravity distortion ability that could - at least, in theory - be used to rain down fire from on high? That's completely wild. Also, he has siege tanks for shoes.

While writing this, I've also realized that me gushing about new classes in these sorts of videos has become A Thing as of late. So, of course, I spent 45 minutes wallowing in shame, tearfully lamenting the fact that my brain's synapses have become frozen - no longer able to form the psyonic lightning that is an original thought. Or just regular old psyonic lightning, for that matter.

But then I realized something: that's not the case at all (I hope!). It's just been a really great year for original class ideas. I mean, people look at games like Call of Duty and think multiplayer shooters have stagnated, but then - here in oft-overlooked PC F2P land - we have Firefall, Tribes, MechWarrior, PlanetSide 2, and tons more pumping out some brilliantly inventive ideas. So hooray! It continues to be an amazing time to be a PC gamer. Just like always. Because our hobby's the best hobby.

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