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Dress up a bird and make it dab: Falcon Age is out today on PC

Bird's the Word

Falcons, you say? Nah, pal, we've got none of that here. Seagull Age? I can get you in on that. Strap some soggy chips to your wrists and all. Might be stuck finding any robots to batter, but I'm sure some of those tourists haven't been scared off yet. If it's Falcons you're wanting, it's Falcon Age you're wanting to look up. Outerloop's chicken has finally left Sony's nest, soaring onto PC via the Epic Games Story today.

After five months caged up over on PlayStation, Falcon Age is free to perch on our desktops. Look at this ridiculously gif-able bird.

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Falcon Age is an anti-colonial tale of family, cultural legacy, and going on adventures to fight robots with your birdy pal. It's equally about dressing up a tiny Falcon and making it dab. The kids, they'll love it!

Like its PlayStation counterpart, Falcon Age wants you to get stuck in with VR, and launches with Oculus Rift, Rift S, HTC Vive, and Valve Index compatibility. You can still get in on bird antics without strapping an expensive box to your noggin, thankfully.

Falcon Age is the flappin' lovely debut from Outerloop Games, a Seattle-based studio notably formed from a bunch of Uber Entertainment veterans. Why's that notable? Because I plugged over a thousand hours into Uber's Monday Night Combat games and quite desperately need that time to feel validated.

Falcon Age is available now over on the Epic Games Store for £16/$20.

Disclosure: Cassandra Khaw, who I'm informed used to be a columnist on this very site, is one of the writers enlisted by Outerloop on Falcon Age. Small world and all that.

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