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Dual Universe Shows Modular Ship Construction

Dare we dream

Go-anywhere space games excite me, but not as much as multiplayer games which claim to put everyone on a single server with a player-driven economy and politics. Scifi MMO Dual Universe [official site] is aiming to offer both. It's a first-person game with seamless planet-to-space flight, player-built cities and more, and the latest video shows its building tools.

Here's the video, which is what you're here for:

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Let's set aside the grand ambition for one second. That video looks pretty nice, yeah? There's a nice mixture of prefab and block-by-block building to the ships, and I like that "control units" such as the cockpit can be further modified using LUA scripting.

Alright, back to the grand ambition.

EVE Online is thirteen-years-old and still there's nothing that tackles player politics and economics at quite the same scale. Plenty have tried, but we're overdue for someone to properly follow in its space-backstabbing wake. Though Dual Universe looks pragmatic and functional in the video above, there's still plenty of reasons to be skeptical of its chances at succeeding, from Novaquark being a startup who have never made a game before to there thus far being no explanation of what tools will be offered to make that economies and political systems flourish. Simply creating an empty space isn't enough.

Yet I want it to work. I want this game. I don't want to be complicit in "hyping" something that might not work out, but I games are ideas and this idea is exciting.

An alpha is due in early 2017 and there was some earlier trailer at E3 showing more planetary transitions and space flight.

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